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Severe Crashing Issues With AMD FirePro W4300

Question asked by Donovan Morgan on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by Dennis Dohogne

Hello all,


I recently built a computer to use at work for SolidWorks.  I won't bore you with details other than this: every component was brand new out of the box, including the graphics card.


Tech support and I spent two solid days attempting to debug why SolidWorks was repeatedly crashing when opening parts, trying to create a drawing, opening assemblies, etc.  The software may as well have been a brick.  It would open, but attempting do do anything at all would cause a crash.


I uninstalled and reinstalled SolidWorks (clean) 3x with no change.  Put on SW2016 SP5 instead of SW 2017 SP1 with no change.  Changed, updated, un-updated, re-updated, deleted, reinstalled graphics card drivers, with no change.  Updated and reinstalled every windows driver and service pack in existence.  No change.


Tech support and I went through SolidWorks Rx to run in OpenGL, still same symptoms.  Ran bypassing the Tools/ Options, and was able to get a part to open, but couldn't make changes, assemblies, or drawings without crashing.


Finally, I removed my graphics card from the motherboard.  Lo and behold, the problem went away completely.  I have sent a request to AMD regarding a warranty claim or what steps they recommend next, but I wanted to let everyone on the forum know that I had a particularly bad experience with this card.


I will update if/ when they send a replacement, or if they recommend a specific driver that is contrary to the one that SolidWorks recommends with it.


Happy 3D modeling!


- Don