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    Severe Crashing Issues With AMD FirePro W4300

    Donovan Morgan

      Hello all,


      I recently built a computer to use at work for SolidWorks.  I won't bore you with details other than this: every component was brand new out of the box, including the graphics card.


      Tech support and I spent two solid days attempting to debug why SolidWorks was repeatedly crashing when opening parts, trying to create a drawing, opening assemblies, etc.  The software may as well have been a brick.  It would open, but attempting do do anything at all would cause a crash.


      I uninstalled and reinstalled SolidWorks (clean) 3x with no change.  Put on SW2016 SP5 instead of SW 2017 SP1 with no change.  Changed, updated, un-updated, re-updated, deleted, reinstalled graphics card drivers, with no change.  Updated and reinstalled every windows driver and service pack in existence.  No change.


      Tech support and I went through SolidWorks Rx to run in OpenGL, still same symptoms.  Ran bypassing the Tools/ Options, and was able to get a part to open, but couldn't make changes, assemblies, or drawings without crashing.


      Finally, I removed my graphics card from the motherboard.  Lo and behold, the problem went away completely.  I have sent a request to AMD regarding a warranty claim or what steps they recommend next, but I wanted to let everyone on the forum know that I had a particularly bad experience with this card.


      I will update if/ when they send a replacement, or if they recommend a specific driver that is contrary to the one that SolidWorks recommends with it.


      Happy 3D modeling!


      - Don

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          Jeff Mowry

          I'm running a FirePro W5100 and have not had any such problems.  Replaced an Nvidia card that fried itself while playing a game.  The newer AMD card seems to work just as well as my much-more-expensive Nvidia card in terms of SolidWorks, and I'm running dual monitors.


          Any other details of your system?  Mine's listed in my profile, with the exception of my replacement FirePro card.

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              Hi Jeff,


              I don't know the exact names of the components off the top of my head, but until I get them this'll have to do:


              I have an ASUS Z270-A Motherboard, 16GB ram, An M.2 SSD, and an auxillary optical drive.  So far I've only experienced one crash with the on board graphics since removing my FirePro.  Still no word from AMD, I have a feeling that if I haven't heard anything yet via email, I probably won't at all.


              I'm going to try to get a hold of them over the phone.

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                  Jeff Mowry

                  Wonder if it's a glitch with that particular card you've got?  This card should do just fine with SolidWorks, so unless there's a hardware flaw with your particular card or an unknown conflict with other hardware in your system, I don't see what the problem would be.  Perhaps a defective card?

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                      Donovan Morgan

                      Update for anyone following this thread:


                      AMD had me ship the card to a service center in Canada (at my expense), and I didn't hear anything for a few weeks.


                      A package arrived addressed to me from Hong Kong, apparently it was a replacement card.  No explanation, email, or call.  Just a new card in a static-proof bag and tightly packed in a large box.  Anyway, I noticed that the geometry of some brackets were slightly different, so I figured this must have been an updated version of the same card.  I plugged it in this morning and although I was able to model a part and execute some complex features, upon trying to create a drawing of the part, it once again crashed.


                      I wasn't going to play this game again, so I immediately called AMD and said I want to exchange the card for a different model that is more tried and true, at this point I don't care if it's another $100-200, as long as it works.  I was told the ticket would be elevated to support right away and they would contact me with an update.  Wish I knew what was going wrong with this card.  I have to wonder if it's my specific PC's combination of parts that for some reason the graphics card doesn't like.


                      I intend to pursue parallel paths of return/ replacement, both through AMD and Amazon.  Whichever looks like it's going to resolve first is the one I will go with.