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How to design multi-cavity mold?

Question asked by Oleg L. on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by Redecos Technologies

Hi all!


Sorry for my very bad English.

I learn to create injection molds using a standard sequence of instruments (as in a well-known educational lesson with the housing of the handset). I have no problem with creation of cavity and core for the one part, even if have to edit the surface manually.


But I was faced with the problem of automatic separation of the halves of the mould for multibody part. I'm talking about form the multiple cavities of DIFFERENT parts (it's not mold of N equal parts). I create a multibody part and try to split the cavity and core using multiple parting lines. Then begins the problem! If the body does not have holes, the separation is successful. But if the holes are there, the program cannot knit the surfaces of the cavity and core. Neither automatically nor manually! Below I have attached a very simple example: 2 details. No holes easy to get the 2 halves of the form with two parting lines and one separating plane. With holes you can insert only one element of the "shut-off surface" in the modeling tree. In this case, even if you fill all holes, nothing works!

Core Cavity 1.pngCore Cavity 2.png

I have never been able to get simple and clear answer is whether these tools SOLIDWORKS for the separation of multibody parts. I know there are other ways, but now I'm interested in these tools.


Thank all!