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2016 Sp3 Mate Issues (parts won't move to location errors!!)

Question asked by Jim Moses on Jan 25, 2017

Hi all,


Ok I finally took the plunge into 2016, and I am updating an assembly and adding fasteners (our own companies library not toolbox ones) and all is good for a bit and then all of a sudden I mate a SHCS, lock washer and t-nut to a bracket in a piece of extruded profile, one time it occurs when I make the washer concentric to the screw, next time when I mate the bracket to the screw. I keep getting errors and the items will not move until I delete the mates and sometimes it takes reinserting the part so what gives with 2016, as I never had this many issues and I have a bunch of fasteners to add to these assembly files.


Is there some new setting or what?