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can somebody with an microsoft acces license help me?

Question asked by K. V. on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2017 by K. V.

I have a acces table with some links to recovery files (which don't exist) and this messes up my DWX files. Can somebody make a little change in it? (3 rules, about a minute work)


In "AssemblyType" are all my links to my parts/assembly's. They should all lead to the same folder (Y:\Autocad\SolidWorks\Standaard voorraad delen BRETECH\Voorraad delen bandtransporteur BRETECH\BT met DWX test) but 3 lead to my C:\ folder for my recovery files.


If someone could change this, that would be really nice and would save me the work of deleting the current office to download a trial version with acces.


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