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Hiding object - disappearing textures

Question asked by Homolya Péter on Jan 25, 2017



I'm a bit new, but I'll try to be thorough. I've browsed the forum already for a while and haven't found a similar description yet.


I'm working on an animation project for the company I work at (can't upload images, sorry), and after creating an intro, I want to make the surroundings disappear. For this porpuse in the animation I simply created a key, moved the timebar and I've hidden the object. Everything should be fine, however every texture disappears, and only the texture of the part itself remains. In my case I'm trying to make a road disappear, I have the asphalt, and the white lines. When the fading out starts in the animation, all the textures change to white. Both in SolidWorks screen and PhotoView rendered image.


I've already overcame several issues, yet this seems to beat me.


Thank you in advance,