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    Design Table does not update??

    Jason Martin

      I have copied a part from a previous model but the design table does not update whenever I make a change in the excel spread sheet. Is this a bug? I'd rather not start a new part from scratch. Has anyone had this problem before?

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          John Stoltzfus

          Did you try to save the part via pack & go or just do a save as?  I think you would need to pack & go - then edit the design table and save it in the same folder or you can do the pack & go, save the design table as a different file then delete the design table in the part and load the newly saved one, not sure which way would work the best. 

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            Vladimir Urazhdin

            John Stoltzfus  is correct. Link part <-> Design Table is broken. If Part is OK, try to delete Design Table then create a new one.

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              Jason Martin

              I did do a Pack and Go for this new part. I never use "SAVE AS" for any part.  The correct action was to delete the design table, and create a new one. But, not before saving it just in case.



              What I did:

              I created a new blank design table and copied all of the previous cells into the new file. Lo and Behold, Nothing worked sill. I deleted this table and created another blank design table. For the new table I only copied in the syntax for the dimensions I wanted to be controlled. This worked and made everything simple. no further action was needed after this.

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                Deepak Gupta

                Was the table being controlled from an external file?

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                  Elmar Klammer

                  Here is another trick I use before you delete & re-insert the design table. Right click a feature in the feature manager and click "configure feature" and then simply close the dialog again without making changes. Then edit your Design table. I have been successful that way.

                  Somehow it resets an internal flag and the design table works after that. Seen it with sheet metal parts and linked thickness not updating.

                  Just another trick to beat SW at the bug game....




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                    Jason Martin

                    I thought I'd give an update and here's what I found out:

                    By accident, I discovered that if I pack and go a part file to my personal server space at my work, by the next day, I can no longer edit the design table. the design table is completely dead and the only way to fix the problem is to delete the design table then create a new one by copying the top 2 rows of the spreadsheet. There just seems to be something missing and I have no idea what that would be. Even if I try to "Configure Feature" like Elmar Klammer recommended it doesn't work. Its just completely DEAD.


                    BUT, when I pack and go that same file into my PDM file location, there is absolutely no problem at all the next day.


                    I think it may just be an isolated problem and not a SW problem.

                    I guess I must refrain from using my personal drive for design table driven part files. I Have no idea why that would be affected though. *scratching head*

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                        Dennis Dohogne


                        Have you talked to your VAR about this yet?


                        Since you apparently are not saving/linking to an external file (my first suspicion) everything necessary should be contained within your part file.


                        This is for a part file DT and not for an assembly, correct?  If the DT is in an assembly then there could be other files involved, but Pack and Go should still pick them all up.


                        Instead of recreating the DT try saving it out as a separate file to have a backup copy.  You can have your DT open and a separate Excel file at the same time so you could cut/paste between the two if necessary.


                        This is like having Dr. House trying to diagnose a strange problem.

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                            Jason Martin

                            That is correct, This is for a part file. I tried that same file that I had a problem with and that box is greyed out unless I pick the option for "From File"


                            Yes, I could save it out and link it but I'd rather keep the file internal as it might cause confusion with the ppl who are not familiar with using SW DT here. I did save it as a back up just in case something went wrong. I just found it to be easier to just delete, then copy/paste into new table. saves me time and worries.


                            I like your analogy for this about Dr. House! it fits perfectly! Too bad it wont get completely solved though. My work around works for now, so I'll just stick with that

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                          Sid Sandback

                          This must be a bug in SW. I've tried all of the above suggestions and still the part will not update with the new configurations. Now when I close the Excel sheet, the whole program crashes (just shuts down). Still not sure what's going on here.