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    Why doesn't F11 work with Span Displays?

    Michael Atlas

      Running SW2016 SP5 with 2 monitors.  Going full screen (double click on title area) on one monitor removes the Windows border like it should and F11 does what it is supposed to do, remove the menu bar.


      Why can't either of these be made to work when using "Span Displays"?  Going full screen reverts to a single monitor and F11 has the same affect, reverting to a single monitor with the menus off.


      Even with 2 monitors screen real estate is always precious!  It seems like this should be easily doable.  How about it folks!




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          Dan Pihlaja

          I am running SW 2015 SP5 and I have the same issue here.  Never used it before, though.

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            Christian Chu

            Are your dual monitors identical in term of resolutions?

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              Jim Wilkinson

              Hi Michael,


              This is an interesting idea. However, I am not sure if it is technically feasible/allowed by Microsoft. I have not seen any applications allow full screen across multiple monitors. Microsoft Excel, Word, and Internet Explorer don't do it nor do Chrome or Paintshop Pro. It is similar to Microsoft not having "Maximize" across multiple monitors. SOLIDWORKS spanning displays is custom coding that resizes a non-maximized window to take up multiple screens, mimicking maximizing across them.


              One thing you may want to investigate is if you video card driver and related software has anything that may help. At the hardware/driver level, it may have options to combine two monitors into acting like one and then standard things like maximize and full screen would likely work across them. This is similar to how you may see at tradeshows or massive sports displays where multiple monitors are combined to display one image as if they are one.


              I hope this helps,