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SW 2017 SP1.0, Win 10 Pro, Synology DS415+

Question asked by Chad Cutter on Jan 24, 2017

After years of of using Win7 with no issues, other than getting clogged up from software it was time to do a complete clean install, so I decided to get Win10 pro and do a complete fresh install at the same time I upgraded my CPU from an i7-920 to a i7-990extreme.  Currently have 24G ram and a quadra K5000 and a Samsung EVO 840 1TB HDD.  So one would think SW should perform great...especially since I just bought flow and that was painfully slow to run simulations.  Well not the case...SW itself has been a slow performer on very complex models and even opening up a simple part take a while, more than expected.


But my main issue is I've always had my custom files, template, materials, appearances, weldment profiles....etc.. on a Synology DS415 NAS with 4 4TB drives in RAID 10.  Data tranfer to the NAS is great.  But since upgrading to Win 10 and SW2017 SP1.0, SW boots off the network, still have internet access but can't connect to the NAS.  It's not right away's pretty random, but it always happens and it's very frustrating as SW will sometimes crash due to loss of connection to custom config files.  You can go to explorer and can't find the drive.  As soon as you shut down SW...drives are accessible instantly.  SW is the only software that is giving me issues.  I've even switched from mapped drive naming convention in the file setting within SW to UNC, hoping that would help.  I've also reconfigured the registry for lanmanserver for the idle timeout to the network from the default of 15min to pretty much infinite time.  So at no time should windows disconnect from the network due to idle time.


Has anyone seen these sort of issues???  My VAR is not helpful in this.