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    What is a sensible accompaniment program to learn after SW...?

    Daniel Cane


      Am looking to start teaching myself another program for building more organic / double-curvy forms, but there are a lot to choose from... So far have used SW surfaces, but it's slow.

      I want something divergent from SW, to do the things SW won't do quickly / easily - so maybe that means NURBS and / or not parametric?

      The programs I see referred to most often are:

      AutoCAD, Maxon C4D and 3dStudioMax

      Second to those are:

      Rhino, Vectorworks, Maya and Creo/Pro-E

      Least often are:

      Inventor, Catia, A-V Cobalt, Blender, SharkFX, Modo, Z-Brush, Houdini.


      Still need to use SW so communicable files with SW would be nice, but that seems unlikely.

      Any thoughts please?

      Many thanks!