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What is a sensible accompaniment program to learn after SW...?

Question asked by Daniel Cane on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by Jeff Mowry


Am looking to start teaching myself another program for building more organic / double-curvy forms, but there are a lot to choose from... So far have used SW surfaces, but it's slow.

I want something divergent from SW, to do the things SW won't do quickly / easily - so maybe that means NURBS and / or not parametric?

The programs I see referred to most often are:

AutoCAD, Maxon C4D and 3dStudioMax

Second to those are:

Rhino, Vectorworks, Maya and Creo/Pro-E

Least often are:

Inventor, Catia, A-V Cobalt, Blender, SharkFX, Modo, Z-Brush, Houdini.


Still need to use SW so communicable files with SW would be nice, but that seems unlikely.

Any thoughts please?

Many thanks!