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Login and opening of files very slow on PDM standard

Question asked by Marijn Van Den Heuvel on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by Marijn Van Den Heuvel

I have one client pc that has an issue on his pc with PDM.

When he logins into PDM it takes about 2 minutes to login, compared to 2 seconds at other pc's.

When he then opens a file from PDM (even without the need of using get) it takes again about 2 minutes to open it, in this time Solidworks hangs completly and if the mouse is pressed multiple times it asks if you want to terminate.

When one file is open in PDM then it looks like the speed is normal.

What I have done:

  • Checked firewall
  • Disabled firewall
  • Reinstalled Windows 7 / Solidworks
  • Trying to strangle the HP support desk.
  • Involved my VAR who asked Dassault who had nothing. (but we concluded that it is probably a HP problem since the SW installation was working on other DELL systems.)
  • Updating every single driver on the pc (like 10 times)
  • Used LAN cable of working system.
  • Used a wifi dongle and tried it on wifi.
  • Solidworks RSx /system logs/ server logs with no resutls only a lag spike nothing in the logs.

HP says it is software so they have an excuse to not give warranty. Me and my VAR blame hardware because obvious reason that the same installation works on 6 other pc's.

Maybe someone has a similair experience and can help me?

If not someone intrested in buying a HP computer?

Little addon, the pc network cards was configured to use ip v6 we tested while switching off ip v6 without results.