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Languages of Design Table Entry Syntax

Question asked by Jana Stahn on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by Frank Ruepp

I am trying to utilize the method IConfigurationManager.SetConfigurationParams. It changes entries in the design table. The parameters have a special syntax, consisting of strings, which can be found here: 2015 SOLIDWORKS Help - Summary of Design Table Parameters


I wrote a program that suppresses/unsuppresses a component via SetConfigurationParams and it worked well - until I changed the language of my SolidWorks from English to German. In German, it did not work any more. The reason was that in English, the strings for suppression/unsuppression are "S"/"R" while in German they are "U"/"V", so the syntax was wrong.


My question is:

How can I make my program work in every supported language?


I assume that I need to build an if-else-if-list (or a switch case) where I check the language and then choose the appropriate strings. But how do I get the language? Or is there another, less hard-coded way?