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    Quantity in a Note

    Glenn Schroeder

      I'm having problems linking to Quantity in a Note (the Note is attached to the drawing view of a Part).  Using the property shown below it always shows 1, which I would expect if the drawing view wasn't linked to the BOM, but it is.  Balloons attached to the drawing view calling out the Quantity display the correct value, but I would like to have it in my Note along with Length and other properties.  What am I missing?  And I'm aware of one or two workarounds, but would prefer not to have to use them.  SW2017 sp 1.


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          John Stoltzfus

          Glenn Schroeder  - Are you looking to grab the total quantity for that part for the entire project or just what is within a certain assembly? 

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            Elmar Klammer

            Hi Glenn,


            If I understand this right then you link the component itself. The quantity of 1 would be correct. You would need to link it to the view to get that count. And that's just me thinking linear. I don't have 2017 installed but think you can link notes to BOM cells. So if you have a BOM just click the quantity cell for your particular part. I am not sure what you mean be "you know of work arounds" but you can set balloons to look & act like notes changing the settings to "none" & balloon text to "text". Here you can enter any text, line breaks and link to model/drawing properties i.e. $PRPMODEL:"PartNo". Mind you placing the location for the quantity itself is limited to top, bottom & sides.

            Maybe of help...