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Add calculated qty column to BOM based on Assy document properties

Question asked by Dan Adlon on Jan 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by Michael McMillan

Am trying to add a column to a custom BOM that is calculated based on an Assy custom property.  As back ground, we have a custom BOM that is loaded onto a sheet in the assembly drawing that serves as a tooling build release document.  It displays the part number, description and qty to be manufactured.  This quantity though should be calculated as "quantity per assy" x "number of assemblies to build".  Ihave a custom property in the assy model file which is "Assy Release Qty".  When adding a new column to this BOM, when I go to enter an equation, under custom properties, the drop down shows properties from the part files,  not from the assembly.  Is there a way of accessing the assy custom properties?