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How to build a Pryamid in Imodeler for Macro Feature

Question asked by Lucas Prado on Jan 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2017 by Lucas Prado

I'm trying to create a Frustum (Truncated pyramid) for a Macro Feature.


I'm able to create a macro feature, but I just can't find a way to build the geometry I want.


I've tried 3 different ways


1) Create sketches and using InsertProtusionBlend to create a feature loft.

Its an ok way, but I wanted to include it into a macro feature so I can edit the feature on rebuild


2) Create sketches and use IModeler CreateBodyFromLoft

Its an ok way too, but I have to create the sketches before creating the macro feature, and I dont want to. If only I could use CreateBodyLoft with lines created from Imodeler..


3) Create an imported body, use createNewBody, create 6 sufaces with CreatePlanarTrimSurfaceDLL and CreateBodyFromSurfaces.
The problem is that it creates an imported body in my feature tree, and I dont want it to be there. I want the macro feature to represent by itself the new body created. Another problem is that it creates a new imported body in each rebuild.


How can I create a pyramid with Imodeler?

or use CreatePlanarTrimSurfaceDLL with Imodeler and them CreateBodyFromSurfaces without creating an imported body?

or make the imported body not show in my feature tree and be only one?

or to create "temporary sketches" so I can use Imodeler Loft within my rebuild function.