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    2016 vs 2015

    Chris B.

      So we're updating SW from 2015 sp5 to 2016 sp5


      I know when it came out, 2016 caused an uproar.  And even now, the UI (from seeing the screenshots) looks a bit questionable.


      Wondering now, more than a year later, how are people finding it?

      Are you happy with it, do you get used to it, do you even find it advantageous over previous releases?


      Or would you still go back to 2015 if you could?


      Any tips for someone making the adjustment?



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          Vladimir Urazhdin

          To me SW 2016 is better than 2015  and SW 2017 is better than both.

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            John Stoltzfus

            Well said Vladimir Urazhdin


            Chris B.   jump to 2017 if you can

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              Steve Calvert

              If you're worried about what color your pretty little icons are, stick with 2015.  If you want newer functions, move to 2016 or 2017.


              Steve C

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                Dave Bear

                Not that I have it, but I was actually curious why you wouldn't just jump to 2017 rather than 2016 SP5?



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                  Christian Chu

                  Currently I'm using SW2016 Sp5 and waiting for SW2017 sp3 coming out for upgrading

                  SW2016 sp5 has been stable and I'm happy with it

                  I had some issues with SW2015 sp5 and suprisingly, it's me while other engineers were ok

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                    Chris B.

                    Thanks everyone.  We've jumped into 2016 now.  Glad to hear most are happy with it.

                    Still prefer 2015.  I'm sure I'll adjust : )


                    Had to update this week, so couldn't wait for 2017 sp3

                    And didn't see anything new in 2017 that was worth risking the bugs

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                      Ive just jumped from 2015 to 2106 sp5.

                      To be honest, I see shades of 2008 here.

                      Icons aside (change for the sake of change imo)

                      Im now finding that things take longer.

                      More clicks. I admit Im all about speed, Ive gota get that stuff out of my head fast.

                      Muscle memory is factor. Things like editing a dimension. The mouse needs to be precisly over the dim now for the scroll to increment. 2015 only required it to be over the dialogue box.

                      Recent files are now in a pull down inside a pull down = more clicks.

                      To delete a dim, the pointer now need to be over the line, on the value itself. If its over the line, an edit dim box comes up with 1 click. this used to be a double click. so to delete a dim currently requires a stop, go back, think, go again.

                      TBF, I do see a few nice thing here too.

                      Suppressed sketched can be edited, but Ive seen an error inside a suppressed sketch cause a top level error.


                      My only wish is the SW would focus on proformance and leave the UI and functionality alone.

                      So much time is lost in re-skilling to suit a new release.

                      This is surely one of the largest barriers to users (me) wanting to upgrade to the latest release.

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                          Chris B.

                          Agree 100%.  Faster modeling, faster workflow.  That's what I'm after.

                          Add new tools to model something we couldn't before - cool.

                          Streamline UI so we can model regular things faster than before - cool.


                          Adding extra mouse clicks to do the same thing... you're going in the wrong direction.

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                            Jim Wilkinson

                            Hi Dazza,


                            Some of the changes we make ARE to make things faster and less clicks. Specifically, I think the behavior you are running into, at least for some of the behavior, is caused by a new feature called Instant2D. It works like Instant3D which has been in the system for years, but in sketch mode. So, you can change values with a single click (instead of having to double click, to bring up a dialog). It also allows dragging dimension sizes with handles on the dimensions. Since with this option on, single clicking on the dimension value itself activates the dimension value for editing, clicking anywhere else on the dimension selects the dimension so that it can be deleted. This may also explain the issue of "The mouse needs to be precisly over the dim now for the scroll to increment. 2015 only required it to be over the dialogue box." but it is unclear exactly when that is happening, so I can't say for sure.

                            If you don't like this new behavior, uncheck the Instant2D button on the Sketch CommandManager tab. If you did not have it on the CommandManager (if you answered no to allowing SOLIDWORKS to updated the CommandManager the first time you started SOLIDWORKS 2016), then you can go to Command Search, search for Instant2D and select it there to turn it off.


                            So we are always focusing on performance, including performance of using the UI. Yes, it is a change, but many users like the new change and find it faster once they adjust to it. If you don't want to try or adjust to it, I would recommend turning it off.


                            The Recent Files list was moved to a submenu because the menu was simply getting too long and starting to take up more than the vertical space available on many users screens (causing scroll bars to show up, and extra clicks for those users). Many releases ago, we implemented the recent document dialog to streamline selecting recent documents. Simply hit the R key and a visual dialog will show all of the recent documents with many more options for opening recent documents. I would suggest giving that a try since many users like that much better than using the File menu and it is no more clicks than using recent documents from the File menu in 2015.


                            I hope this helps,


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                            David Mandl

                            Well, considering that the first several SPs of 2015 had to be recalled (so to speak) due to major issues, I'd say that 2016 is a better release by default.


                            I don't care about the UI changes, especially since it came coupled with some great UI enhancements (BREADCRUMBS!), and thought it was a little silly when the biggest applause at SWW16 was when they announced legacy icons for SWW17.  Then again, I'm a little less set in my ways than others.  Que sera, sera.