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I seem to have lost the option to 'Transfer License' - can anyone help please?

Question asked by Simon Walmsley on Jan 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by Michael Carlson

Hello all,


My situation is this - I was in the office at work on Friday and I decided for the first time, I would like to use Solidworks on my PC at home over the weekend.

I spoke to our VAR and got instructions about how to do this - which was very straight forward. Before I left work on Friday afternoon, I made a note of my serial number and then in Solidworks I clicked 'Help/Transfer License'  and all seemed to work fine.


Today I have installed Solidworks on my PC at home - all went fine & I entered in my serial number. Once installed I was asked if I wanted to activate my product now, which I did. Again, all went fine.   

So, I finish my Solidworks session and I know I now need to 'Transfer License' again, so that when I am back in the office on Monday, I can re-activate the license at work.


But here is my problem - when I click the Solidworks 'Help' menu at the top, I cannot find the option to 'Transfer License' ???  But this was available on my works' computer when I did this on Friday. See attached screenshot of how the menu looks for me:


I have the option to 'Activate License' / 'Deactivate License' / 'Show License' - but no TRANSFER LICENSE.....  


I couldn't even find Transfer License in any of the Help menus. 

I installed Solidworks 2016 initially as this is what we still use at work. So then I wondered if it was a dodgy install - so I did a complete un-install, including all the registry keys and program folders - and then tried a completely fresh install with Solidworks 2017....    and I have exactly the same problem!  


If I can't sort this out - when I go into the office on Monday, my license will be held on my PC at home, and I will be unable to do any work.


Has anybody got any suggestions as to what is happening here?  

I assume everyone else has the option showing for Help/Transfer License ? 


ANy assistance would be really really appreciated.