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    Grab the Top Ten Stuff You're Interested in Before it Disappears

    Dennis Dohogne

      To my fellow forum members,


      Today is the end of voting for this year's Top Ten list.  Again this year the list is long with many, many great suggestions and everyone is to be commended for their creativity and willingness to contribute.  If you are like me you have read a whole lot of really nice ideas, even if they are nowhere close to the top ten.


      However, if there are some ideas on here that you are particularly fond of, or want to be able to reference in the future then I suggest you do something along the following:

      1. Open the idea

      2. Copy the whole of the idea and its discussion

      3. Paste it into another document and save it somewhere


      Why?  Because this list will soon disappear.  Yes, really!


      What an absolute waste!!


      The only thing I have found that even lists the Top Ten items after they disappear is this from Daniel HerzbergSolidWorks World Top Ten List Data | Dan Herzberg .  As you can see it is only the titles of the ideas and not even the author's explanation of their idea.  Thanks for this, Dan!


      SolidWorks, you are really missing the target by removing this information.  Information on the web is one of the simplest things to support.  This can even be static information in the form of a pdf or Word file.  Instead of removing these lists completely can you at least generate a static file that lists the ideas (with several options to sort them What are Your Suggestions for making Top Ten Voting Easier?) with hyperlinks to their detailed explanation and discussion?  What is so hard about that?!  (You could take a cue from Dan's list and annotate these lists with the rollout of each new version of SolidWorks to show when the idea is implemented.  /< Snark = on:  But, I've been known to push the envelope so perhaps this is asking too much. /< Snark = off)


      I know there are terrific people from SolidWorks that not only monitor this forum, but they also participate from time to time.  From their comments I have learned the following which speaks to the power of this forum:

      1. SolidWorks does consider the forum ideas and their healthy discussions that are brought forth here.  Will the Top Ten List be handled differently this year?  These ideas are somehow presented to the developer pools as informal enhancement requests.  That is the reason I pushed this: Simplify the Enhancement Request System and Tie it Into the Forums

      2. This forum has many very passionate and very smart participants.  Their willingness to help, creativity in solving the problems, and generosity with their time is most impressive.  SolidWorks would do well to recognize this terrific resource by supporting and encouraging them (us).  After all, this large group is making SolidWorks' job much easier by a) solving problems so the VARs and SolidWorks Corporate doesn't have to, b) educating/training those that ask for it, c) suggesting improvements and ways to fix problems.  All for free.


      The Top Ten list is like a sprint effort to specifically suggest things we'd like to see in the software.  The general forum is a broader discussion area that includes new ideas, but the Top Ten list is particularly soliciting the new ideas.  Please, SolidWorks, don't insult us.  Keep the content that we generate available instead of shutting it out.  Make the Top Ten Lists Still Available After SWW .


      While we are at it, do this right: SolidWorks proceedings - really?


      I don't mean this to be a complaint nor a rant.  I have been using SolidWorks from day-1 with SolidWorks 1995, and every version since.  I've brought this software into four different companies I've worked for and with since then.  I've turned down job offers from other companies that would only use a different CAD package.  I started a user group and ran it for the first 2-3 years.  I use the software almost every day of the year, even at home.  I've designed all but one of my many patented inventions using SolidWorks.  And in the last few years I became an active member of this forum and have learned a tremendous amount from it.


      No, SolidWorks, this is not a complaint letter.  This is my own passionate plea for you to do something simple to make things better.

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          John Stoltzfus

          Well said Dennis Dohogne - The SW Forum is all about helping, yeah we do get off the deep end at times, but all in all I don't feel the same passion between the regular Forum People/Passionate Forum Moderators and SolidWorks Corp, in our eyes it means that SolidWorks Corp doesn't take us seriously and has setup the forum and website as a place to go and have tea with the Moderators..


          I think we would all love to see the corporate structure on this end, more then likely it's controlled by SW tech departments, rather then Sales/Marketing, that way the tech guys can put their feet back on the desk and eat another Krimpet.


          edited; added flavors available........


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            Dave Bear

            Bravo Dennis,

            Without making too fine a point of it, I just don't understand why there isn't more transparency on things like this on the forum anyhow.



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              Dave Bear

              Still no response I see Dennis. Personally I think that speaks volumes.........



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                Dennis Dohogne

                The Top Ten list is closed for 2017.  At most we'll likely only see a list of the titles but not their content, much less the rest of the ideas that were thoughtfully and generously contributed.


                Removing the list forever is a wasted opportunity to share great information.  This is priceless information and SolidWorks should be grateful for it.  IMO this is just another degradation of the customer focus that had made SolidWorks great.

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                    Dave Bear

                    You've basically summed it up there Dennis.

                    No matter how you simplify the equation, it is us, the user, that makes Solidworks what it is. Without users input of what is needed and wanted, how industry standards are changing, how technology is changing and our recommendations to management to purchase this software, Solidworks would not be as healthy.


                    Given that this forum is an international port-hole flying the Solidworks Flag you would think that there would certainly be more interaction between the representatives of said product and the users. Forgive me for saying so but from an outsiders perspective it just appears that unless there is a dollar to be made along the way DASSAULT aren't interest in giving any time away. Would it really hurt to have some full time PR on the forum?

                    Yes, there are a few that represent the product that will answer questions if and when they can, but this is at their discretion. What about having a few that will tackle the tricky issues and respond to questions such as this thread, we are not talking national security after all.



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                        Jeff Mowry

                        I run two small businesses, and in my experience, giving customers as many reasons as you feasibly can for them to be happy with your product/service is a good long-term investment.  Though I cannot point to specific line-items of income that results from this practice, I do know having satisfied customers tends to increase voluntary repeat business (and leads to word-of-mouth referrals---the best kind).  Having dissatisfied customers tends to cause them to look for a better deal elsewhere (and leads to word-of-mouth grumbling---the worst kind).


                        This is what baffles me about some of the recent policy/decisions with SolidWorks---why give your customers any reason to feel cheated, dissatisfied, or extorted?  In my experience, that's the opposite of a good long-term business strategy.

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                            Dennis Dohogne

                            Jeff Mowry,

                            It would be interesting to plot the satisfaction/disatisfaction with various aspects of SolidWorks over its life.


                            Personally, I enjoy using the software, especially since I started in 3D using wire-frame in UG and then moved to Pro\Eh when it was ported to Windows NT.  However, I regret moving to SWX2017 since SP1.0 has caused problems for me that have resulted in SPRs.  I've converted too many files before this problem reared its ugly head so now I am stuck.  I hold my breath and save often.  But even the saving isn't much comfort since one of the repeatable problems deals with saving a file without problems, but it cannot be opened (certain assembly drawing files even though there are only five components).


                            The loud complaints this time last year concerning the fiasco of the stupid color changes that finally got resolved with SP3 or 4 and was number one on the Top Ten list by almost a 2:1 margin over second place, the continuing idiocy of removing the fantastic user-generated content for each year's Top Ten list, the reduced access to the SWW proceedings (SolidWorks proceedings - really? ), etc.  These are just a few of my least-favorite things (also when the dog bites and when the bee stings).


                            My loyalty to the software is being sorely tested.  My advocacy for it is. .  ., well, I just hope I'm not asked because I don't know that I could honestly recommend it anymore.

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                                Dave Bear

                                At the time of writing this very reply I've taken note that this thread has had 1072 views and yet so very few opinions. Perhaps this is a taboo subject and nobody wants to be associated with it? Perhaps people think that voicing an opinion that (on the surface) seems to go against the grain of DASSAULT and Solidworks and therefore will have repercussions? (Known Fact:- Most successful businesses have become that way by listening and reacting positively to viable consumer complaints). In actual fact, we are doing DASSAULT a service by highlighting short-comings in their product via their customer base, all they have to do is consider it! BUT WAIT..... there's more........


                                Thinking along these lines, if DASSAULT / SolidWorks representatives want to take things to the next level in customer satisfaction and return business perhaps the top ten list should be of a different nature? In NO way do I mean this as a "BEAT UP" on SolidWorks, but why not have a serious Top-Ten on complaints, gripes and failings in Solidworks?


                                There are forever repetitive threads about this 'feature' being wrong since this year, and that 'command' being wrong since blah, blah, blah, and yet service pack after service pack the same result, some glitches fixed, new glitches arrive, old glitches still present........ Get serious! Ask your users what really bugs them, take notice of it, fix it, and make your consumer feel valued, after all, they are the ones putting food on your tables.


                                Forget all these new enhancements until you can get everything you already have within the software (to date) functioning properly.


                                Most importantly, be open and start communicating in this forum with us users. Start sharing information, rather than just selling a product and then shutting us out unless we want to part with more dollars in some way, shape or form.



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                                  Jeff Mowry

                                  Perhaps one way around all this nonsense is to simply host more user-generated content elsewhere.  For instance, we could create a Top Ten List for each year elsewhere, and use this forum to point to that content.  Hey, I could probably even host something like that myself---how hard could it be?  Post it, open polls, keep the back-story of each candidate on the list, and simply leave it there forever.  Sort of side-steps the problem of having user-generated content disappearing.


                                  I know it's a tad more difficult than this, and getting high traffic to such a location will be somewhat difficult.  Fine.  But over time, and with enough cumulative traffic, this isn't impossible with a little effort along the way.

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                              David Mandl

                              What's even more frustrating is that that was what I saw even when the list was open.



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                              Rick Becker

                              The #1 on this years Top Ten is "Fix the Bugs and make it Stable" May have ended up a 2:1 winner.


                              How can us lowly customers hold Dassault to doing anything on the Top Ten? That is a serious question (not so sure of the answer).

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                                Dennis Dohogne

                                Everybody has 20/20 hindsight, including me.  I wish when I posted this I had made a screen shot of the Top Ten list at the time.  I wouldn't expect it to change its ranking, just the vote totals.  Perchance did any of you grab the information before access was denied?


                                I know it will be posted at SWW2017 in a couple of weeks, but I won't be attending.  So, for the benefit of me and all the others like me that can't justify the expense, if someone has the results it would be much appreciated if you could share them here.  Thanks!!

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                                    Rick McDonald

                                    I tried - I got the first page and the third page (since the second page was not showing up when sorting by score).

                                    There are 3 images for each page (-1,-2 & -3 for page 1).

                                    Unfortunately, my boss wanted me to do some work that day and I couldn't get more.

                                    At least I got the most important first page.

                                    These were as of around 6pm Central time on the 20th so them may have changed slightly by the end.

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                                        Jeff Mowry

                                        Thanks, Rick! 


                                        I'll try a transcription below, including typos, and probably my own, too.  (I like 31 below):


                                        SWW 2017 Top 10:

                                        1. Focus more on fixing bugs, 212, Matthew Lorono, 18576 Views
                                        2. Substantially increase stability in SOLIDWORKS, 150, Matthew Lorono, 480 Views
                                        3. Allow Zero Thickeness Geometry (ZTG),  81,Chris Clouser, 414 Views
                                        4. Improve the performance and quality when importing large IGES and STEP files, especially when there are tiny surfaces in the model, 80, Shaodun Lin, 1644 Views
                                        5. Completely release memory / GDI handle when file is unloaded, 77, Shaodun Lin, 501 Views
                                        6. Export BOM with Model Thumbnail included in Excel file, 69, Shaodun Lin, 1935 Views
                                        7. External Reference graphical display (like Treehouse), 62, John Matrishon, 225 Views
                                        8. Automatic Fastener BOM Creation without physically insert the fasteners into the assembly, 59, Shaodun Lin, 2626 Views
                                        9. Bounding Box Values for any parts and assemblies, Ferenc Gergo, 480 Views
                                        10. Fully integrated Sub-D modeling tool, 55, Shaodun Lin, 2178 Views
                                        11. Search engine in Material Library, Toolbox and Engineering Database, 48, Csaba Hetyei, 221 Views
                                        12. Reuse centerlines without Convert, 48, Ferenc Gergo, 162 Views
                                        13. please enhance healing for imported models > please add CADFIX to SWX, 45, Ulrich Hanisch, 137 Views
                                        14. Undo/Redo - Un-Limited/Un-Restricted, 45, Rick Becker, 742 Views
                                        15. It should be possible to unfold a bent tube like a sheet metal part, 41, Manuel Michel, 137 Views
                                        16. PDM : : I, O, Q, S, X, and Z should be excluded in Revision letter, 39, Jiun Chen, 987 Views
                                        17. PDM card editor: Undo button, 38, Craig Schultz, 110 Views
                                        18. please add system option to display breadcrumbs directly at the mouse without pressing D key, 38, Ulrich Hanisch, 146 Views
                                        19. SolidNetWork License Manager: license usage statistics, 33, Deepak Gupta, 174 Views
                                        20. [---Missing Second Page Here---]
                                        21. Version / Revision Cleanup and remapping tool for SWPDM, 21, Shaodun Lin, 2840 Views
                                        22. Improve performance and robustness of Direct Editing Tool, 21, Shaodun Lin, 736 Views
                                        23. The "What's Wrong" dialog box Should have Links to Each Specific Problem, 21, Rick Becker, 164 Views
                                        24. Ability to use end points of sketch lines for Hole Wizard holes, 21, Ferenc Gergo, 112 Views
                                        25. Paint and other coatings, 20, Chriss Saller, 87 Views
                                        26. Solidworks Error Report - Feedback, 20, Andreas Rhomberg, 159 Views
                                        27. Make cutlist information available to the BOM without API wizardry, 20, Jim Steinmeyer, 108 Views
                                        28. please make import diagnostic available also if model file was saved after first diagnostic, 20, Ulrich Hanisch, 38 Views
                                        29. Ability to copy Control Logic when editing data card, 20, Zoltan Svebis, 62 Views
                                        30. Roll Back Bar and Freeze Bar grip size, Daen Hendrickson, 61 Views
                                        31. Make the Top Ten Lists Still Available After SWW, 20, Dennis Dohogne, 84 Views
                                        32. SOLIDWORKS for Mac, 19, Ferenc Gergo, 121 Views
                                        33. Give the Relations Pop-up in Drawings, 19, Glenn Schroeder, 69 Views
                                        34. Ability to use a flexible unit system and converter in Simulation like in Flow Simulation, 19, Csaba Hetyei, 44 Views
                                        35. Allow backward compatibility between service packs of the same major version in Flow Simulation, 19, Julien Boissat, 35 Views
                                        36. Import files from Tekla Structure BIM software, 19, Dennis Dohogne, 96 Views
                                        37. Option to Paste Images Directly into a reply, 19, Deepak Gupta, 728 Views
                                        38. New SOLIDWORKS sheet metal tab and slot feature, 18, Julien Debes, 107 Views


                                        Since you never can tell when a difficult technical glitch could accidentally remove data from places like web sites, feel free to copy this text down to a local file avoid having to have it typed out again---I know I will.  It's incomplete, but it's a start.  Thanks again, Rick McDonald!

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                                      Dennis Dohogne

                                      In reading some of the posts in the last week alone there are already some things asked about that have been discussed in the Top Ten list.


                                      It really is too bad that vast pool of information is no longer available to those of in need of it.


                                      Calling it like it is, it is really dumb (nicest term I can come up with) to permanently remove this list.


                                      Can anyone offer a viable reason why this list gets taken down forever?  I know there are a lot of stupid reasons for it!

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                                          Dave Bear

                                          Hi Dennis,

                                          Let's pretend for a second that I work for (or represent) Dassault/SolidWorks. The answer to your question would then be "YES" there are viable reasons why the Top-ten list gets taken down, and probably (in this years case), the sooner the better,....... But, I wouldn't really want to divulge these reasons to my customer base now would I?


                                          Could the Top-ten list not be seen as a list of priorities (and rightfully so) that my corporation should now be concentrating on for the next 12 months? In this years case, that would mean working on stuff that should have been right to start with and therefore dropping feature design that 'might' work and we charge subscription for.  You see, we have to keep pumping out something new to make the customer feel like they get something for their subscription fee (doesn't matter if it's not quite right yet, just get it out...).


                                          Also, the sooner I hide the list, the sooner people forget, the sooner I can start to design the reasons as to why things weren't achieved on that list as people had hoped. You see, we already have a pre-planned program that is based around Gross Profit and anything that is in that list that doesn't fit into the GP is going to have to be put on the back burner!


                                          The list also indicates in a massive way that our software has major issues, glitches, bugs that so many customers are sick of that we still haven't fixed yet. If this list was to get into main stream public or into some form of marketing comparison could this hurt our bottom line?


                                          Oh my! My customer base could use this list in so many ways to annoy my corporations plans and try and send us in a direction we hadn't really catered for............... So, i'll take it down! Out of sight, Out of mind........


                                          BACK TO REALITY NOW........


                                          I've said this before, and I'll say it again,

                                          Fix all that there is (to date) in SW. Take heed of what your customer base has said to you (RESOUNDINGLY).

                                          More importantly, how about making a statement (in the forum) about what "YOUR" (The Corporations) thoughts are on the Top-ten list and what you think should happen next. Share some discussion with us.

                                          But dare I say this, #1 and #2 were not marginal, ignore them and I think that may be at your own peril as seems that peoples patience is wearing thin, don't you think.

                                          You have a great product, make it greater..................



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                                          Paul Salvador

                                          well,.. that is TOTALLY Logical... so, I agree 1 TRILLION TIMES.... +  1 Bacon!