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Grab the Top Ten Stuff You're Interested in Before it Disappears

Question asked by Dennis Dohogne on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by Paul Salvador

To my fellow forum members,


Today is the end of voting for this year's Top Ten list.  Again this year the list is long with many, many great suggestions and everyone is to be commended for their creativity and willingness to contribute.  If you are like me you have read a whole lot of really nice ideas, even if they are nowhere close to the top ten.


However, if there are some ideas on here that you are particularly fond of, or want to be able to reference in the future then I suggest you do something along the following:

1. Open the idea

2. Copy the whole of the idea and its discussion

3. Paste it into another document and save it somewhere


Why?  Because this list will soon disappear.  Yes, really!


What an absolute waste!!


The only thing I have found that even lists the Top Ten items after they disappear is this from Daniel Ferrucci-HerzbergSolidWorks World Top Ten List Data | Dan Herzberg .  As you can see it is only the titles of the ideas and not even the author's explanation of their idea.  Thanks for this, Dan!


SolidWorks, you are really missing the target by removing this information.  Information on the web is one of the simplest things to support.  This can even be static information in the form of a pdf or Word file.  Instead of removing these lists completely can you at least generate a static file that lists the ideas (with several options to sort them What are Your Suggestions for making Top Ten Voting Easier?) with hyperlinks to their detailed explanation and discussion?  What is so hard about that?!  (You could take a cue from Dan's list and annotate these lists with the rollout of each new version of SolidWorks to show when the idea is implemented.  /< Snark = on:  But, I've been known to push the envelope so perhaps this is asking too much. /< Snark = off)


I know there are terrific people from SolidWorks that not only monitor this forum, but they also participate from time to time.  From their comments I have learned the following which speaks to the power of this forum:

1. SolidWorks does consider the forum ideas and their healthy discussions that are brought forth here.  Will the Top Ten List be handled differently this year?  These ideas are somehow presented to the developer pools as informal enhancement requests.  That is the reason I pushed this: Simplify the Enhancement Request System and Tie it Into the Forums

2. This forum has many very passionate and very smart participants.  Their willingness to help, creativity in solving the problems, and generosity with their time is most impressive.  SolidWorks would do well to recognize this terrific resource by supporting and encouraging them (us).  After all, this large group is making SolidWorks' job much easier by a) solving problems so the VARs and SolidWorks Corporate doesn't have to, b) educating/training those that ask for it, c) suggesting improvements and ways to fix problems.  All for free.


The Top Ten list is like a sprint effort to specifically suggest things we'd like to see in the software.  The general forum is a broader discussion area that includes new ideas, but the Top Ten list is particularly soliciting the new ideas.  Please, SolidWorks, don't insult us.  Keep the content that we generate available instead of shutting it out.  Make the Top Ten Lists Still Available After SWW .


While we are at it, do this right: SolidWorks proceedings - really?


I don't mean this to be a complaint nor a rant.  I have been using SolidWorks from day-1 with SolidWorks 1995, and every version since.  I've brought this software into four different companies I've worked for and with since then.  I've turned down job offers from other companies that would only use a different CAD package.  I started a user group and ran it for the first 2-3 years.  I use the software almost every day of the year, even at home.  I've designed all but one of my many patented inventions using SolidWorks.  And in the last few years I became an active member of this forum and have learned a tremendous amount from it.


No, SolidWorks, this is not a complaint letter.  This is my own passionate plea for you to do something simple to make things better.