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SW 2009 Crashes on Large Assemblies

Question asked by Ed Scheid on Nov 25, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2008 by Ed Scheid
Whenever I open an large assembly (2000-2500 parts), Soldiworks tends to crash alot. It seems to crash radomly, i.e. no certain SW function causes the crash.

System specs are as follows:
HP 4600 workstation
Intel Q6700 2.66 process, quad core
Windows XP 32-bit
4gb Ram
nVidia FX 3500 video card (256 meg)
SW 2009 SP1

SW maxes out at 650 meg and then locks up. I have the 3gb switch enabled but how do I know it is working? The cpu rarely goes over 25% and available memory is always over 2.2 gb so I am lead to believe the video card is causing problems. Any suggestions would be appreciated.