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    Taghi Nasiri

      Hello all

      ِDose anyone can recognize the top view of the attachment pic.

      thank you

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          Dave Bear

          Hi Taghi,

          Is this a trick question?.....

          Is it the top view of two steel " I " beams that are standing on end?

          Does it signify "MkII" of something?

          Does it have dimensions?

          Does it have any other elevations?



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            JOHN GEORGE


            This was one of the orthographic view example in school days

            It should look something like this


            Two square ends connected with small square beam, cut at 45 deg

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                Taghi Nasiri

                Hi johe

                thanks for reply .

                this is not correct because i was drawn to this figure, but with the perspective views are not consistent with my question.


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                    Rick McDonald


                    You need to do a little research on proper display of views.

                    The drawing you show does not show a defined top view.

                    It implies the views are a front and right side view and a Bottom view

                    In my attached image the red arrows point to the BOTTOM side

                    The blue arrow show what should be the top side - but you did not show a top view.

                    There are standard view orientations that you should use.


                    I am assuming you are a student - your teacher should have discussed drawing layout and views - if he/she didn't then you should ask them to do this - that is Drawings 101.

                    Also, I made the assumption that you are in the United States and with that my drawing views references are based on "Third Angle Projection" - the rest of the world uses "First Angle Projection"  - You need to research that so you understand the differences and your SolidWorks drawing settings must be set for the correct angle projection.


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                      JOHN GEORGE


                      I think your original views may be with "hidden lines removed" and my answer is based on that.

                      It's not compulsory to show hidden lines in a drawing, if you can make an object clear with other views

                      These are the 3 views in order for my answer (hidden lines removed for clarity)


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                    Rick McDonald

                    I would suggest you rename this post.

                    "Re: Drawings" does not indicate the type of question you are asking and you won't get as many responses.

                    Proper etiquette for post naming is to provide a meaningful description.

                    See Deepak Gupta's "Forum Posting" thread - Item 9



                    For good drawing practices and informaiton Please look at Glenn Schroeder's  

                    "Frequency asked forum questions"


                    and "FAQ Part 2"