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    File management application

    Joel Condevaux


      I've written a stand alone application for managing Solidworks files.

      It use an index to store all the relationship between Solidworks files, that way you can perform rename or move function on files or folder keeping all links up to date.

      You can also search files by name or properties (Need Document manager license key) or run a search for duplicate files names.

      For mass or batch rename it use an interface like Solidworks explorer (With prefix,suffix and search/replace function).


      You just have to download it and follow the instruction of the pdf file:   https://sites.google.com/site/bibotacconcept




      Mass rename.JPG


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      Ce message a été modifié par : Joel Condevaux Hi, You can now rename an assembly and component directly by selecting it in the left treeview (Use right click over an assembly and select "Rename with component")


      Ce message a été modifié par : Joel Condevaux Some improvements (You can now select a folder where to search for duplicate files names)