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Blocks that are hidden show up when exported in DWG or DXF. How to fix it?

Question asked by Chad Lawson on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by Tom Sowers



I have been looking all around on various sites and figured I would post my question here because I yet to see an answer.


So the situation I am in is that my customers accept files to be in DWG format. I have annotation blocks in my sheet format that I have hidden currently. I didn't move them to a new layer or anything I just right clicked and right under the option to edit, save, explode the block there was "hide" so I clicked that and hid them all so that whenever I went to insert blocks they would still be listed as open blocks making it easier to grab them and place them in positions without having to search for them. Now what I have is all of the hidden blocks are showing up on my DWG and DXF files when I go to export them which I can't have due to customer requirements.


Please if anybody could help me with this that would be fantastic! I am just looking for the easiest way to make them not show up on my DWG sheets without having to go delete them out of every drawing that I have.