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I thought 3D interconnect was supposed to open these file types?

Question asked by Chad Billings on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by Michael Dekoning

So, for starters, I'm not a fan of Solidworks. There are some things it does well, I admit, but I'm a Solid Edge guy, and next it would be Inventor. Though I do have SolidWorks, I hardly ever use it, except when I absolutely must. But then today I saw a video about 3D interconnect. I was like holy(cussword)! So I open up solidworks 2017 and create an assembly. I navigate to my most recent Edge folder and attempt to place one of my assemblies. No dice. Says file name entered was invalid, not found, locker or of an incompatible type. So I try to select a part. Again, no dice, same error message. So I figure maybe since I do have the most up-to-date version of Edge, ST9, maybe it just can't deal with the most recent version, which is understandable. So I go to place some inventor parts, and since those were all inventor 2015, I figure they should work fine. Well, nope. Why am I getting this error? Am I not seeing this correctly? Is there something I'm not realizing I have to do to get this to work? Thank you for your help and understanding.