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Running/Walking Groups at SOLIDWORKS World 2017

Question asked by Jim Wilkinson on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by Tracy Wettig

Hi Everyone,


As is tradition, we'd like to promote people getting together for running/walking at SOLIDWORKS World 2017. Unfortunately, after participating in the running since the very first SWW, I am fighting a nagging Achilles injury, so while I hope to run at least a couple of the days, I may join the walking group(s) instead. I know that both Tom Spine and Joe Lance plan to run so they can help organize the group on days that I am not there.


Let's use this thread to coordinate who is interested, where we should meet, and potential running routes from the meeting spot. So, to start with, if you are interested in participating, please answer the following in this thread and then different groups can coordinate:

  1. Are you interested in running or walking?
  2. At which hotel are you staying so we can figure out a good "neutral" meeting spot (or a spot that works best for the majority of participants).
  3. If you are familiar with the area, feel free to suggest running routes, or possibly directions NOT to go based on undesirable running conditions or bad neighborhoods...otherwise, once we figure out a meeting spot, we can start to do some research for proposed routes. Unfortunately, in the area of the convention center, it just looks like a lot of city streets, no major parks, etc.


I'll start: As already noted, I may run some days, but may walk others. I am staying at the JW Marriot LA Live.


I'm looking forward to seeing many old friends at SWW!