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Workgroup PDM "Date Modified" Hack

Question asked by William Radigan on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by Gordon Rigg

To the best of my knowledge, Workgroup PDM doesn't have a method to search by Date Modified.  (I.e. I want to know what files were checked-in between these two dates.)  I needed to do this during my upgrade to PDM Standard recently and found the method below to be a reasonable hack.  It's not perfect, but it produced the results that I needed.  I'd love to hear about improvements or alternatives, as it looks like I might be keeping Workgroup PDM around for a little longer than I had anticipated.



Go to Workgroup Data Vault and the "Projects" subfolder


WPMD Date Hack 1.png

Use the Search box and select "Date Modified" 


  • A calendar pops up and you can select a date or a date range.
  • Use Shift-click to span months
  WPMD Date Hack 2.png

WPMD Date Hack 3.png


Select all of the Folders in the search results


Shift-right click & Select "Copy as Path"

WPMD Date Hack 4.png

Copy (Ctrl-V) the list into Excel.


Use Text to Columns to split up the file path.


WPMD Date Hack 5.png

Add a Heading Row and sort by:

  • Project
  • File
  • Rev


WPMD Date Hack 6.png

There will be some excess data in the table (extra rows), but these were easily cleaned up for my example.