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    Crashing before they started

    Phil Winters
      I am working with some gifted High School students who are tyring to model airflow through a relatively simple air filter. They have gone through the training modules, but they have not received any training with FloWorks. They have invested a fair amount of time in a model and it looks like it is set up correctly to me, but I havent really had any training with FloWorks either. The company I work for is trying to set up some training, but it probably won't happen until the first of next year. In the meantime, these kids are getting worried about their grade on the project. I'm hoping that there is a quick solution to their current roadblock.

      When the model is run, they get two "Unresolved boundary condition" error messages. I can send a copy of the model, in case anyone is willing to look it over. I tried to attach it to this post, but it wasn't allowed.

      Any suggestions as to what is wrong with the model, the setup or whatever?
        • Crashing before they started
          Tom Nicholson
          You must compress the file (winzip, winrar) in order to attach the file.. The forums here only allow .zip and some image formats.
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            Anthony Botting
            Hi Phil: that message usually means no mesh cells are intersecting the boundary (on which the boundary condition is applied). A solution is to modify the mesh. You can show the basic mesh in order to verify that cell boundaries pass through (on, or intersect) the geometry.
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              Mike Elder

              you really need to zip the directory, and just include the .fwp file in your '5' folder. That contents of the zip file is just the asm - you need to include the part files and if possible the floworks data.

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                Bill McEachern
                Hi File,

                YUou not only need to supply the assembly file but all the part files as well. Use the pack a go facility under the file menu - yo may need to expand the menu to see it.

                What version of SWX are you using? If 2009 I have noticed a lack of robustness on rebuilds that have caused this sort of problem, which is bit different in how it manifested itself in earlier versions.

                From what you have said it appears that the boolean operation that Floworks does in the back ground to obtain the fluid volume probably did not get done or the you have pick a surfce for hte boundary condition that does not lie in contact withe fluid volume obtained by floworks after the bolean operation. Typically this can occur if you did not pick the right face on a "lid". If you make the wind tunnel transparent you can select through it to pick the right surfaces onthe inlet and exit lids.
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                    Phil Winters
                    I am attaching what I hope is all of the individual files that are associated with this project. Sorry I didn't attach these earlier, but I'm kind of flying blind here. I'm not used to having so little training on software that I'm trying to use.

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                        Rich Bayless
                        Hi Phil,

                        You have created the inlet and outlet lids in an unconventional fashion and floworks isn't sure what to do. (several parts were still missing from your assembly, but enough came through)

                        I defined the fluid subdomain to be inside the box by selecting the inside face of your inlet lid and (using SW2008 SP3.1), the analysis ran.

                        If you are using SW2008, try creating the lids using Floworks, Tools, Create Lids.


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                      Eric Kwan
                      Hello, this is the group of three students working on the airflow project.

                      We fixed the lid problem. It is now an extrusion off of the box.

                      For some reason, at the moment we're having trouble setting up the boundary conditions; the error we get is that the face "is not laying on the boundary between solid and fluid region". We've gotten past this problem before (we don't remember how, though) and simulated our mock wind tunnel, which brings us to our other main problem. When we run Floworks, the software seems to simply ignore our air filter, even though it is right in the middle of the wind tunnel. We think the problem is because the structure is listed as a surface body, not a solid body. but we aren't sure how to fix that either.

                      We have attached the following files: The assembled air filter as a assembly, its three components, and our wind tunnel box. Are there any solidworks veterans out there that can lend us a hand?