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How can I mate hand-wrist-forearm so hand will also rotate as the wrist rotates?

Question asked by Brielle Lee on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2017 by Brielle Lee

Hello everyone.


I'm trying to make a forearm model which I can use for other purpose.

I need this forearm's hand to do pitch and yaw as well as the wrist/forearm rotation.

For the parts, so far, I used couple coincident and concentric mates to hold the pieces together.

The problem was that if I try to mate the hand and wrist(blue part) together by mating planes.. it won't do either pitch or yaw.

As of now, since those two are not mated, if I rotate the wrist to replicate forearm supination/pronation, hand stays still and won't follow as the wrist rotates.

What mate can I use for this??


Also, I had trouble making an animation, and I wasn't sure if it was due to very flexible wrist joint so that's why I'm trying to assemble everything again.

Even though I had an angle limit mate for the device which was assembled on the forearm, when I tried to make the animation, the hand ignored that limit and bent as much as this hand can go. Animation wouldn't show smooth transition...

I can't show this device here, so it could be hard to understand what's going on.. but does anybody see what the problem is here?