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Macro to change all dimension color in the active document (drawing)

Question asked by Janos Gyerman on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by Janos Gyerman

Hi everyone,


Could anyone help me with this?

I have to update old drawings and I would minimize repeating tasks - time, so I thought I would record the following macros:


1. open an old drawing and change the old GREY color to BLACK for all dimensions. So I hit record macro, then filter dimensions then ctrl+A to select all , and finally changed the color to black. Stop macro and save.

If I open a different drawing (diff. name) the saved macro does not seem to work properly, I checked the coding and it used the name of the last models name (drawing number), so I am looking for some solution if it is possible to select all dimension in the active sheet, and not in a specific file name.


I have also a similar need for inserting a view (current view or pre-saved view), for a drawing using its reference model. here was the same, after hitting the macro (recorded for this operation too),it inserts the current view for that previous model where the macro was recorded, and not in the current active drawing.


Many thanks if anyone can help!!!