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What 3rd Party Technology has SWX Implemented Lately???

Question asked by Chris Clouser on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by Chris B.

I ask because I was thinking there are technologies, even current add-ins, that I think SWX should buy and make standard.  And given the lackluster 2017 release, what am I paying for??


SolidWorks is a multi-billion dollar a year company.  They should have ample resources to do this.


One problem I have all the time is dealing with imported geometry.  SolidWorks is especially bad at this since it can't handle ZTG.


I would be thrilled if SWX purchased Capvidea's "FormatWorks" and offer it to us as part of our software as a legitimate upgrade to the current offering.


Then there's xpresso.


What else should be included?