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Olet Insert Error

Question asked by Brian Poelman on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by Peter De Vlieger

Our company has been having continuous troubles when using olet fittings in the SW routing package.  When inserting our olets, they attach to the header pipe correctly and dimension how we would expect; however it appears the sketch line for the branch fitting does not fix with the olet's CPoint as it would for other fittings (a tee for example).  In the first image below, you can see that the bottom endpoint of the branch line coming off the olet is blue (i.e. not fully defined).  This point is un-selectable so I can force a relation to the CPoint either.


If then I right click the vertical line and select "Remove Pipe" (i.e. have the elbow weld directly to the olet) then this bottom line shortens upwards as shown in the second image.  From here, everything just gets more and more messed up if I try to make further changes.  Does anybody know what exactly is going on here?  Any advise would be very appricated.


Some other notes that might be of interest:

-The olet fitting also creates the construction line shown in the images automatically.  This construction line is also not selectable.  Not sure why this construction line is created.

-Our olet fitting is made up of a CPoint on the top end and a RPoint at the center of the header pipe (I've attached a sample of the olet fitting for reference)