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    Exporting Electrical Libraries

    Madeline López

      Hi all!

      I use Solidworks Electrical with a team that I am on at school. Since I am graduating this year, I wanted to see if there is a way that I can export the custom library that I made to a flashdrive or something so that other members can use it after I'm gone. Has anyone conquered this problem before? Any help is appreciated!


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          Logan Pegler

          Hi Madeline,


          You can go to File > Archive Environment. This will create a backup .tewzip file of all data in your SolidWorks Electrical which can be loaded back into the software by someone else. You can use the dialogs here to select individual libraries to export if required.

          If you wish to take individual symbols/manufacturers parts etc, go to the Libraries tab, pick the library you wish to export from > highlight the required symbols > Archive.