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SWW2017 Group Transportation from LAX Airport

Discussion created by Rick McDonald on Jan 18, 2017
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There is no group transportation setup from LAX to SWW2017.

To save cost, if we can go in groups (using ride share companies such as Super Shuttle), we can save cost.

Ride share discounts might also require the same drop off point (not sure) so we might also have to coordinate a common drop off point.

If people are arriving around the same time I suggest we get together in groups at some common meeting point.

If people want to post when they will be arriving - then we can try to organize times and locations for people to meet and form groups to share rides.

Please include: arrival time, Airline, and hotel.

(I am not intending to be a group organizer or coordinator -

but if people post when they will arrive then others can contact them directly through their links to setup the groups)

I am not real familiar with LAX Ride Share Pickup points so if someone has ideas of meeting locations that would be good to post.

Current list of people wanting to share rides:  Updated 2/1/17 @ 12:30pm Central time


John Matrishon gets in at  10:00  Staying at: Millenium Biltmore (leaving LAX right after arrival)

Casey Gorman gets in around 12:00 - flying Southwest - Terminal 1 - Staying at: Sheraton (leaving LAX right after arrival)


Shuttle 1: (First shuttle is booked - See post #135 for details) (booked 2/2/17 ~2pm Central time)

Alin Vargatu & David Hayes in at 10:20 - flying  AC791 - Terminal 2 - Staying at Sheraton Grand Los Angeles

James Adkins gets in at 11:00 - flying Delta - Terminal 5 - Staying at: "O" Hotel  Cell is 336-684-9309

Peggy Frantz gets in at 11:23 - flying Delta DL2168 - Terminal 5 - Staying at: "O" Hotel

Rick McDonald gets in at 11:40 - flying AA #937 - Terminal 4 - Staying at: Omni  Cell is 469-347-4278 (only used during travel)

Rob Rodríguez gets in at 11:40 - flying AA #781 - Terminal 4Staying at: Luxe City Center next to LACC

Shawn Talley gets in at 11:50 - flying AA #447- Terminal 4Staying at: L.A Hotel


Shuttle 2: (Second shuttle is booked - See post #138 for details) (booked 2/2/17 ~4pm Central time)

Malay Desai gets in at 12:02 - Flying Delta DL1802 - Terminal 5 - Staying at O Hotel - Cell No. 678-314-5465

Joe Ourada gets in at 12:05 - flying UA781 - Terminal 7 - Staying at: Millenium Biltmore

Todd Blacksher and Jade get in at 12:05 - flying UA781 - Terminal 7 - Staying at: Sheraton

Daniel Herzberg and Rose get in at 12:40 - flying Virgin America VX 363 - Terminal 3 - Staying at: Mayfair

Shuttles hold 9 people maximum. the shuttle selection shown and actual departure time from LAX is not set in stone yet - Likely to be booked Wednesday 2/1 end of day or Thursday morning.  If any seats remain after that, they can still be filled up to the 9 per van.


LAX Terminal Map shown on Post # 97

Hotel Maps shown on post #'s 113 & 114.


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