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Why are these parts mirrored differently?

Question asked by Grant Kirkland on Jan 18, 2017
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Why is 2-35747 rotated 180 degrees when 2-35748 is not?


Both of these parts were mirrored by:


In assembly:

-     Mirror Components

-     Mirror Plane: Right

-     Selected "Create opposite hand version"

-     Selected "Create new derived configuration in existing files"

-     Add suffix "-MIRROR"

-     Import features

          All but Model dimensions and Sheet metal information (This was selected by default?)


This phenomenon is causing a lot of headache. I would much rather it LOOK like the opposite hand part and not be rotated. It confuses the guys in the shop.2-35747.JPG2-35747-MIRROR.JPG2-35748.JPG2-35748-MIRROR.JPG


EDIT: With a simple sheet metal box and non-symmetrical cut out.


Assenbly on left, part on right


It is rotated in the part, but not the assembly.


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