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Relocate a broken view?

Question asked by Matthew Palmore on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by Tom Gagnon

I have a very tall thin vessel for a refinery and i need to keep the majority of the internal details in tact. In a .slddrw I want to be able to use the ordinate dimension to label elevations for nozzels and other internals but at the same i want to be able to use a break view and move the top half below or above the bottom elevation view so that i can decrease the scale size so that its legible. Is their an easy way to do this?

in the past i've used a Crop view then i pull the model back in and recrop the other side with some simple construction lines to show the view but then i have to mess with the dims and it just takes time when im doing several of these a week.

I really wish i could just use a break view and then break the alignment from one side and move or position with all associated dimension staying in tact. Any Ideas?