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    Cross section in ASSEMBLY?

    Raphael Pilz

      Dear SolidWorks pros,


      Can someone help me please??


      I have a hollow turned part in an assembly. In the assembly, I added some inserts, e.g. some rings and a shaft.

      I want to see how big my opening of the turned part is. Additionally, I want to see what the cross sections are at the position of e.g. a ring that will reduce the cross section. I wanted to do this by cutting the assembly in several planes, e.g. at 1mm, 5mm, 10mm and 15mm. Now, I wanted to measure the resulting planar cross section. However, the feature to cut in a plane is not available in assemblies. Is there an alternative method I can use?


      Thank you so much for an answer!

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          Jeff Holliday

          If you make a drawing of it you could take section views at the positions you need. These could be measured or dimensioned.

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            Dan Pihlaja

            What Jeff Holliday says will work.


            If you don't want to go that route, you can use "Extruded Cut" to cut away what you want, measure and then delete the cuts after measurements.  This works the same way it does in a part with the exception of the option to not cut through some parts components if you want.


            Another way is to use the section view capabilities (although I admit it is rather limited).   Just create the planes where you want to cut the assembly and use them to make the section cut.  You can even save the section cut as a view to go back to later if you want.

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              Kevin Pymm



              You could create a sketch plane in the location required, then use the "Intersection Curve" command to create sketch geometry from the selected faces in the command.

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                Raphael Pilz

                So, now I found two methods to do this with any complicated cross-section. Thank you Kevin Pymm and Dan Pihlaja.


                Method 1: Create the intersection curve as explained above (select the body that you want to have). As you cannot extrude in an assembly, first hide the solid body, then delete the outlying sketch so that only the inside remains (see picture). Now, you can measure the cross section of the sketch as it does not have to be a body. Therefore, mark the sketch with your mouse and click measure cross section.



                Method 2: What Dan Pihlaja said first: Just cut everything above a certain plane. Then create a sketch and project the inside edge to the sketch plane. Again, the cross section can be measured just from the sketch. This is a bit more straight-forward in my opinion.


                Thank you everyone for your help!! Really!