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Angular section adds unwanted projected length...?

Question asked by Aaron Torberg on Jan 17, 2017
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Hey Guys,


     I have a section view through a slot at an angle and it adds length to the projected view (see Section A-A in the middle).  I want it to display like the view I made all the way to the right in my image.  Are there options somewhere to make this view happen?  I made the view all the way to the right by creating a configuration of the part with a cut through the section line.  Then I made a right projected view of the original top model view, changed the configuration to the new one with the cut, manually hid the cutting shoulder and added a cross hatch, but ideally there will be a button somewhere that renders the angular section line in such a way that it comes out like the view I manually manipulated...  Can anyone tell me how to get these results?  Thanks in advance!