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How to link Note in Drawing to Custom Property of Part(With Configurations)

Question asked by Amit Bhatteja on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by Amit Bhatteja

I am sure this question must be answered somewhere, somehow I could not find the answer.


I have a part with multiple configurations, each having configuration specific property named "Description" . Apart from this I have Custom property, which is not configuration specific named Description.

The difference between the value of configuration specific and generic is that in custom Specific, I have values that is describing the size of the part. e.g "EXHAUST TUBE, 6in", where as generic Description property has value "EXHAUST TUBE".   I am trying to link the note in the drawing with the generic value of the part, All I am getting is the option to pick the description property of the Configurations (See below image).

Could someone suggest me any method to link the note to the Generic property?