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Revision tracking, small business w/ only 2 designers

Question asked by Justin Lee on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by Justin Lee


I am one of two designers at a small eng/mfg firm.  We are not presently using PDM, and looking for simple solutions to avoid that eventuality.


Up until I was hired, 2 yrs back, there was only 1 designer and everything lived on his local system, and was replicated to a cloud backup after hours.


Now, with me in the mix we'd like to move to using shared/network storage that we can both access simultaneously & looking for hints on avoiding stepping on the other designers feet, and avoiding overwriting newer files accidentally.


Sure. We should use PDM. Except we are a small shop & no onsite IT to manage such a system, so that is precisely what we are trying to avoid.


Typically we don't both work on the same projects, but some projects may use shared/standardized components like laser cut parts or nuts and bolts..  Right now, we both have copies of a "standard parts" dir on our local systems and that has been working.. if one of us makes a change to that dir, or files therein, we just tell the other guy to pull updated copies from the cloud.


A little bit of experimentation has shown that there are plenty of "File In Use" warnings if a file is open on another system.  So, I guess its just on us both to make sure we notify the other of any changes to files in that "standard parts" directory.


Any other ideas?