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    Model View Orientation

    John Wayman


      I have inherited a large assembly model that has been created with the default datum planes in the wrong orientation. Thus, when I click on the little pointer icon for a view normal to a surface, it all spins into a long and thin view instead of a short and fat one.

      I really don't want to change the default datums' orientation at this stage.

      Is there an easy way to create views of a model in a particular orientation?

      I want to click on a face, make the view normal to that face, then rotate the view 90 degrees, so what was vertical becomes horizontal. I don't want any other movement of the model to occur. Then I want to save the new view so I can recall it as and when I want to.

      I expect I'm missing something obvious, but I can't figure out how to do it.



      SW2016, SP5


      Windows 10