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    Missing Templates

    Kaitlin Break

      I have the student version, which I downloaded recently. I cannot make any drawings from parts or assemblies. It says there are missing templates every time I try, and I cannot find the template files on my computer. Is there anywhere I can get them? Mainly A4 ANSI Landscape. That is the standard one I use at school. Anything helps.

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          Christian Chu

          can you check the tools> options>file location and check the folder if there is any file there - see below image


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            Rick McDonald

            It is also suggested to make your own set of templates and sheet formats and save them in a directory for your templates (leaving the originals in their default directory.

            Then set your file locations to point to your set of templates and you can customize them as you want without changing the originals.

            By leaving the originals, if you want to make another one later from the original you still have the master - untouched.

            If you have a problem with one you updated you can go back to the original and re-create a new one for you.

            A good thing to do is always leave the masters as they are and work off copies of customized copies.

            And make a backup before customizing anything - especially when you are new to the software.

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              Tony Cantrell

              Your school should have a file location for their templates, ask your instructor.