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Delay switching from part to assembly window.

Question asked by Bruce Sandig on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by Richard Bremmer



Not sure if this is the correct forum for these kind of questions, so please correct me if wrong. Here goes anyway:


In SW 2017,  with a small assembly opened (fast), when I open one of the parts in the assembly and modify something and then switch back to the assembly window, there is a significant delay of around 10 seconds. The assembly displays as it was when I switched to the part window, is not updated to reflect the changes made to the part, the menu bar in the display area is not shown, and any mouse clicks result in a beep. After about 10 seconds, the menu bar appears, all changes are updated, and things work as normal


I haven't seen this before in previous version, and it's really slowing me down. Again, this is a very simple, small assembly and I never saw this behavior in SW 2016.


Any ideas? Thanks!