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configure a new work station

Question asked by Adam Raff on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by Christian Chu

Good Day,


We are looking to purchase new workstations for Solidworks installs and I figured I could ask a few questions on the forum to see what others think or how they would proceed.  I am looking into parts as I see that is important but we believe we use less then 500 parts


We are looking at a Dell 5810 workstation with 16gig of ram and a Single Nvidia M2000 (4GB) card.  The card is not the highest but not lowest.  We do rendering which brings up my first question.


I know that cores are important when it comes to Rendering and we use the standard 360 render engine that comes with Solidwork (2016/20107) the newer Rendering engine which is visual does not work for us yet.  We are looking at 6 cores which has a good price if we go any higher the price jumps quite a bit but something that I noticed is that some people appear to be using the i7 processor instead of the Xeon processor.  Is there a significance difference between the two?  Is one better then the other?


I am looking at a 360GB solid-state drive for the C drive and a 1TB drive for files and such.  This should give boot up a little boost and file access a greater boost.


Any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Thank You

Adam Raff