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Differtent domain login

Question asked by Marijn Van Den Heuvel on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2017 by Phil Welbourn

So I am trying to understand how the PDM login system works.

I am currently trying to add different users from different domains, that are connected true a VPN.

When I connect to the vault and want to make a vault view it asks for domain information, and I can't connect.

I know I probably need to add these users to PDM archive access panel, but these panel can't find the domain group.


I asked my var but he couldn't understand it and told me I need to hire them to do the implementation... Great advise....

Our ICT department says we need to register more users on our own server to get this.

But I am getting the feeling no-one understands it.


So I turned to the forums with all these awesome powerusers .

Do I need to login with domain/user or something like that?

Can someone show how me how they configured their archive login security with a multiple domain setup, and how they login on the other domains?