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    Differtent domain login

    Marijn Van Den Heuvel

      So I am trying to understand how the PDM login system works.

      I am currently trying to add different users from different domains, that are connected true a VPN.

      When I connect to the vault and want to make a vault view it asks for domain information, and I can't connect.

      I know I probably need to add these users to PDM archive access panel, but these panel can't find the domain group.


      I asked my var but he couldn't understand it and told me I need to hire them to do the implementation... Great advise....

      Our ICT department says we need to register more users on our own server to get this.

      But I am getting the feeling no-one understands it.


      So I turned to the forums with all these awesome powerusers .

      Do I need to login with domain/user or something like that?

      Can someone show how me how they configured their archive login security with a multiple domain setup, and how they login on the other domains?

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          Grant Chapman

          I am having a little trouble understanding your question but I think I have the answer. The way PDM standard does licensing is the key to your issues I think. The licenses have to be handed out by the server that they are trying to enter. For example PDM server A is the one you control, your trying to let Bob and Sam into your PDM A. You must have PDM Standard Licenses for Bob and Sam in your server and they must be able to check them out to access the vault. So for example if Bob and Sam have their Solidworks license as standalone or on a difference network license server you are going to run into issues. I am working with my VAR right now on a work around... basically telling my PDM Vault server to look at Bob and Sam's License server (That they maintian) to check out a license for Bob or Sam, then hand the license to Bob or Sam from my PDM Vault. You can add rules or something to ensure that Bob or Sam can only check our their licenses from your server and not steal yours. Also to ensure that you or your employees don't accidentally steal Bob or Sam's licenses. Also another issue we had with VPN is that the timeout was set for something like 100 milliseconds, which is almost impossible to serve up over a VPN. So we had to do a registry hack to enable a much longer timeout.

          Hope this helps!

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              Marijn Van Den Heuvel

              Tnx for the reply, this surely helps, since as I see I will encounter these issues after I fixed this issue....

              But not my issue currently.

              I think I need to add users to the security setup (screenshot below) so that they can attach a vault view.

              I think this list is populated by manage computer>Local users and groups.

              How should I set this up?


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              Faur Arama

              The users for the second domain must be defined in the first domain, where PDM resides. They must have access to the first domain. Also the PDM system verify, from time to time, if these users exists and witch are their permissions. 

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                Charley Saint



                You actually just need to setup a Domain Trust so the local Domain Controller knows where to authenticate a user. Understanding Trusts

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                  Marijn Van Den Heuvel

                  Soo to attach a vault view, I need to use windows login credentials. NOT PDM LOGIN....

                  I did not know this.

                  Now I am able to attach an vault on another domain.

                  Now I only have an issue with read acces, but this is probably a matter of setting the host file.

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                      Phil Welbourn

                      I'm suffering from something similar - have users on a workgroup trying to connect to a vault to create the first view - I thought it would be enough to create a Windows user on the vault server that I could use from the client machines for the initial setup, but I get username/password error using that account. The vault is on a newly configured Server Essentials 2012 machine which by default creates its own domain.


                      Do we think the workgroup / domain setup could be the issue. I have reasons why i can't have the client machines join the domain of this extra server so hopefully that isn't the only fix :-)


                      Any pointers greatly appreciated...