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    Revision Table / Sheet Format

    Paul McGarr
      I want to put a revision table in all of our drawings and I am having a problem doing that. It doesn't seem possible to put a table in a sheet format, so I guess I need to save it in our drawing template. The problem is that when I save it in our drawing template, depending on the size of our sheet format, the table is located in different places. I am hoping I can have it lock to the upper right corner regardless of the sheet format size.

      How do you guys do this?
        • Revision Table / Sheet Format
          Mark Kaiser
          With SW general tables, there is an option called 'attach to anchor point'. When you select this option, it will give you which corner of the table to choose to use for an anchor point. You then go into the sheet format (ya, I know, tables on the sheet but you lock it to a point on the sheet format, wierd) and RMB an endpoint of a line and tell it to 'set as anchor point'. I see there is an option for anchor points for revision tables, so hopefully it works the same way, I don't use SW revision tables.