Jack Finnerty

Controlling document access by Lifecycle Status/User Group when viewing through Web Portal

Discussion created by Jack Finnerty on Nov 25, 2008
Hi, hopefully someone has come up against this problem before...

I have a PDMW Workgroup vault set up with a Web Portal configured to allow remote access for suppliers and our factory production line.

I currently use 4 Lifecycle statuses:
- Design
- Release
- Prototype
- Approved

and have 3 User Groups:
- View All
- View Approved and Prototype
- View Approved Only

I want to set it up so that my suppliers have View Approved Only access and my production line has View Approved and Prototype access.

So far it has been very hit and miss with users being able to view all or nothing depending on which settings I play with.

There seem to be many layers of settings that control access including Project Access and it's difficult to know which settings overide which other settings. As we only have 1 seat of SolidWorks we don't use project access and I am an Administrator with access to all projects, so maybe this is something to do with the problem?

If someone has sucessfully set this up before, please could you point me in the right direction?

Many thanks,