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Autosave Solidworks Electrical x64

Question asked by Robert Koch on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by Andrew Holowack

Hello SW community,

PREFACE:  I have been a Solidworks user since I began doing CAD modeling in college.  However, in my professional career we use Autodesk Electrical for making electrical schematics.  I just recently convinced my boss to purchase Solidworks Electrical for our office computers and make the switch over, as I arranged for a demo in our office through your Solidworks Sales department, and my boss was impressed (we were due for a renewal of our Autodesk license anyways).


So, we now have Solidworks Electrical at our business and so far we are enjoying it, but there are some things I have trouble with from time to time so I joined this forum for hopefully getting some assistance. 




Right now, I'm stuck on the "autosave" feature with opened documents or projects.  It seems that whenever you make a change to a drawing and then subsequently close out of the program, it saves your changes without prompting or confirming.  Why even include a "save" button if it seemingly does this on every minute change anyways?  I've been trying to find help on how to deactivate this feature or even where to find the autosave directory, but there is seemingly little to no help for Solidworks Electrical, all the focus seems to be on the main CAD program, Solidworks.  So, what happened was I messed up a drawing considerably, but when I closed out and deliberately did NOT click save, I was distraught to find that the drawing was all messed up next time I opened it.  And I was unable to press "undo" of course because I had closed and opened the program.  VERY frustrating, I know that the autosave feature is supposed to help the user out in the case of computer failure, but if it doesn't even ask and just forces it upon you then it's a burden and potentially even a hazard.  HOW do I change these settings and also potentially access the older version of this electrical drawing?  I don't have high expectations for the second part because I have since opened and closed the project more than once, and if it's saving a new file over the previous one each time, then it's more than two-iterations away from the original, but I would still like to know how to access a previous version, for curiosity's sake.


Thanks in advance, community!