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    Web2 Search limiting

    Jason Capriotti

      Just getting the Web2 interface setup and we have a fairly large and complicated vault structure. Is there anyway to use our search cards in Web2? If not, can you limit the basic search to a given folder?


      We have many project folders and each has standard documents for meeting minutes in Word format. I try searching for <Meeting Minutes> and get 487 files. Putting the words in double quotes turns up no results.


      It seems Web2 is only good for searching if you are searching by a unique document number. Otherwise you have to know where in the product structure the files are located. It's almost embarrassing to roll out as I know during training I'm going to get these questions. Here's a web tool, with almost no real search capabilities, something people expect from the web.

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          Michael Dekoning


          I have found no way to limit the search to a particular folder. I think that SolidWorks was actually thinking about how Google search would, i.e. find a file anywhere. However, just like you, we too cannot use this search as is. I plan to discuss this with SolidWorks PDM folks at SolidWorks World.

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              Jason Capriotti

              A google like search would be fine if it would take google like operators. Put double quotes around a string of text should find that string but I get no results at all.


              I thought about rolling this out to our factory who only needs to view PDFs of our drawings but that's not going to happen with these limited search options and no ability to use the search card they now use. I like the GUI but this is a showstopper, disappointing considering they spent time to create this Web2 app to replace the old Web app.


              Unfortunately, looking at the "2017 What's New" there is very little development being done to Web2. More of a throw it out there so they can say "Yeah, we a have a web client" in the sales demo.

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              Danny Bradford

              Hey Jason,


              I ran into this when setting up Web2 for VPM. My workaround was to create a variable hidden to the users that is populated by Dispatch with all variables data that I wanted to search against. Once established I pointed the Web2 search to that hidden variable. This is not ideal but certainly it got us much closer to what we want.


              Hope that helps!