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Web2 Search limiting

Question asked by Jason Capriotti on Jan 15, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2020 by Niklas Hellman

Just getting the Web2 interface setup and we have a fairly large and complicated vault structure. Is there anyway to use our search cards in Web2? If not, can you limit the basic search to a given folder?


We have many project folders and each has standard documents for meeting minutes in Word format. I try searching for <Meeting Minutes> and get 487 files. Putting the words in double quotes turns up no results.


It seems Web2 is only good for searching if you are searching by a unique document number. Otherwise you have to know where in the product structure the files are located. It's almost embarrassing to roll out as I know during training I'm going to get these questions. Here's a web tool, with almost no real search capabilities, something people expect from the web.