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Can i get original text from linkedtext?

Question asked by テ ソ ン キ ム on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by テ ソ ン キ ム

Hi all.

I have a problem.


The label's text which created with section view was text in Solidworks2013.


That is example.

If i make Section View in Solidworks2013, That "C-C" was set text.

But in Solidworks2015, C-C was set LinkedText.


So, This is my problem.

I have a program, it get label's text from draw then attach number to text.

And, To attach number have many condition. For instance don't attach number if label's text is "B-B"

But, I couldn't get text from linkedtext with solidworks api.


I used this Api methods.


But GetText() never get text from linkedtext.

So i tried to use "SolidWorks.Interop.sldworks.Note.PropertyLinkedText"

But that also couldn't get original text value, just could get like "<VLNAME><VLLABEL>"


I have an idea, I want you to go over this.


If i check that, text is been not linked text but text.

I want to know that changing default setting is possible.


Please teach me If you have any idea about this problem.

I want to hear all idea Not only changing setting but also solution with program if you know.


Thank you.