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    Just because it's possible.

    Henk Bruijn De

      I installed SW2017 on a tablet because I was curious to check if this is technically possible.

      The tablet is 1 year old  Acer Aspire Switch 11V, and has 64 GB SSD,touchscreen and a detachable keyboard with magnetic connectors.

      Processor: Intel core M 5Y10c @ 0,80 GHz

      Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5300

      RAM: 4GB Dual-channel DDR3 @ 798 MHz

      Actually it's a so called "hybrid" and it's running on Windows 10 x64.

      After 2 attempts I got SW2017 running, and I can operate SW2017 just by swiping with my fingers.

      This setup is is far beyond SW hardware requirements and is also far from comfortable working with it.

      But it is technically possible.!!

      After opening some models, I admit the graphics working area is very small and is hard to work with..

      I decided to go one step further and ran the SW Performance benchmark test.

      Guess what, it does not perform so bad at all.performance benchmark.jpg

      The results seems to be somewhere in the mid range of other computers with much more powerful processors and graphic cards.

      This tablet has a similar volume as a  mid range Quadro desktop graphics card !

      How is it possible that the benchmark test is not so bad ?

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          Jeff Holliday

          Whether something works or not is problematic to judge. People always ask whether SW will work on a particular system and the answer can depend on many different factors. There are examples of 2 basically identical computers which are not running qualified components. One might work ok and the other gives problems. I think the main benefit of following "recommendations" is that there will be less problems and they may be easier to solve.


          I am glad you are sharing your results with us and I would love to find that I do not have to spend a lot or carry a heavy machine to get some benefits.


          My intuition tells me that running SW in a "least common denominator" method can give results running from less than satisfactory down thru unreliable. It can also result in a poor economic result. If I purchased the best system I wanted to afford which might allow me to create simple-to-mid range parts, it may likely not work when my comfort level allows me to work on more complex designs. The I realize that I have spent money for 2 setups instead.


          Also, as you have mentioned, there are sacrifices made. The fact that I can watch a high def movie on a smart phone doesn't mean my eyes are going to enjoy the experience.


          Again, thanks - keep experimenting and sharing with us.

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            Henk Bruijn De

            Hi Jeff,

            I agree it is probably not a very stable setup, especially because of limited disk space. However, so far only the small screen seems a large problem for comfortable workflow. (I can connect a mouse, and a keyboard).

            I will check if  I can connect a large screen and see how it behaves.

            sw2017 on Acer.jpg