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2016 PDM Professional SP3 crashing file explorer

Question asked by Arjun Pravin on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by Bill Stadler

We've been having an issue with PDM Pro and explorer. If a user navigates to a directory using File Explorer, after 5-10 minutes (or sometimes longer, but inevitably) the explorer window will just close. It is not a vault they are navigating through just local files or mapped drives. It is important to note this does not happen with users who are not using PDM (although they are navigating the same files/folders).


I know that it is coming from PDM because only our engineers who have access to the vaults (on their computers) are experiencing this issue. In the past when I have removed PDM (for users who no longer need access), this issue goes away. In terms of items found in event viewer, I will sometimes see a "file explorer crashed", but it doesn't have any other info that seems relevant.


We are using Windows 10 and Solidworks 2016 sp3