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problems entering lines in BOM - can't enter part number- 2017 SP1?

Question asked by Jim Steinmeyer on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by Matt Hiemenz

We are seeing a problem with BOMs recently. Especially when creating manuals we have times when we will add a line or two to place optional items in the bill. Doing it this way the item number is blank which is what we want. Recently we have had problems where after entering a number in the part # cell the number disappears when exiting the cell. You enter it and everything looks good but when you exit the cell it returns to blank. We have tried regen, saving drawings, exit and reopen, I don't remember what all and only occasionally are we able to get it to work. This has happened on 3 separate machines and for different drawings. We have recently installed 2017 SP 1.0 but I don't remember if the problem occurred before or not. It has been only in the last month or two though.

     As a work around we have attempted to add blank parts to the assembly but then they show in the item# field and that is not desirable either. We have not been able to blank the item number if we try this method.

     With the following screen shot we have 3 knives that are optional. The desired attempt would be to have a generic "knife" line for item 5 and then have the 3 circled items listed without item# or qty. in the past we would just add a row and enter the desired information leaving the two cells blank. Now the part # cell won't show. Does anyone have any suggestions what could be wrong?